The Black Rose

This is one of my favorites. Eccentric, Gothic-looking. Enjoy!

Lace dress III

Lace mini dress lined with silk.

Paradise bird

Colorful dress of veil.

Draped, one free shoulder, comfortable, easy and flowing.

Lace dress II

Another lace dress, this time in  a classic shape.

Elegance, class, a must-have for this season.

Lace dress I

Elastic lace white dress.

At the bottom is very large, molded the bust, creating a picture of a perfect body.

Jersey jewelry

White T-shirt with a beautiful  necklace made of various stones. 

Lace skirt

Lace skirt with a wide cord of satin in two colors.

Red hot chilli

Blue velvet coat

Jersey overall


Elegant lace gown

Draped jersey dress

Little black dress

Mademoiselle Rock´n´Roll

Precious brocade pink dress , satin lining, short and extremely naughty.


White & Nude

When it comes to clothes … just love them! Regardless of color, style, age, clothes are able to show a person’s character, the way life has left its mark on her personality. Today begins the presentation of many outfits white and nude, always elegant, always in trend, every season.

So… white & nude girls, and you will not ever fail, no matter what!

* Pure wool suit with hand-sewn borders. Winter begins, and this suit is perfect: warm and elegant.

The White& Nude story continues!

As I promised, I go on with white  and nude outfits . Were created with great love and I did my best to please you, so I expect comments and suggestions.
I present u today a white dress made of stretch fabric, very feminine and sophisticated.

* The 3rd. outfit which I propose is a wool dress, specially designed for the cold season. Enjoy it,  and tell me your opinion. Please, do not be shy! :)

* Next dress is wool material which I love, since it has the qualities: it offers warmth, follows the body lines in a pleasant way and is always up-to-date.

* Last “White & nude” dress is made of fluid veil, very feminine and delicate, with retro touch.

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6 Responses to “White & Nude”

More summer dresses

Strong colors, floral prints and fluid fabrics; this is the perfect combination for a perfect summer look :) ))



Hand-made Jewelry

About my creations

Each jewel is unique and will not be reproduced, so that my clients can proudly possess a piece that belongs to them alone.

1. Black

Set composed of necklace and bracelet of Goldstone beads of different diameters and silvery accessories.

PRICE: 15 Euro

Black History

2. Pink elephant

Set consists of pink coral necklace and bracelet. Golden elephant pendant.  Golden accesories.

PRICE: 15 Euro

3. Purple flowers

Set composed of necklace and bracelet with purple glass beads with dark red dots. Roses of  veil and  silvery accessories.

PRICE : 15 Euro

4. Red special

Set composed of necklace and bracelet with glass beads, Murano and coral red.  Golden accesories.

PRICE: 15 Euro  –  SOLD

5. The dragonfly

Bracelet and necklace set made of  turquoise and golden accessories. Dragonfly pendant.

PRICE: 15 Euro

6. Deep water

Set composed of necklace and bracelet made of green acrylic beads and  golden accessories.

PRICE: 15 Euro – SOLD

7. Ocean song

 Necklace and bracelet set made of acrylic beads in different shades of blue.

PRICE: 15 Euro

8. White flowers

Necklace and bracelet set made of black acrylic beads in combination with white fabric flowers. Golden accesories.

PRICE: 15 Euro

Uptown Girl

Stepper mini dress in two colors: green and black. Enjoy!

Spin dress

Black /white dress and bolero with handmade details.