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Red hot chilli

Blue velvet coat

Jersey overall


Elegant lace gown

Draped jersey dress

Little black dress

Mademoiselle Rock´n´Roll

Precious brocade pink dress , satin lining, short and extremely naughty.


White & Nude

When it comes to clothes … just love them! Regardless of color, style, age, clothes are able to show a person’s character, the way life has left its mark on her personality. Today begins the presentation of many outfits white and nude, always elegant, always in trend, every season.

So… white & nude girls, and you will not ever fail, no matter what!

* Pure wool suit with hand-sewn borders. Winter begins, and this suit is perfect: warm and elegant.

The White& Nude story continues!

As I promised, I go on with white  and nude outfits . Were created with great love and I did my best to please you, so I expect comments and suggestions.
I present u today a white dress made of stretch fabric, very feminine and sophisticated.

* The 3rd. outfit which I propose is a wool dress, specially designed for the cold season. Enjoy it,  and tell me your opinion. Please, do not be shy! :)

* Next dress is wool material which I love, since it has the qualities: it offers warmth, follows the body lines in a pleasant way and is always up-to-date.

* Last “White & nude” dress is made of fluid veil, very feminine and delicate, with retro touch.

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6 Responses to “White & Nude”

More summer dresses

Strong colors, floral prints and fluid fabrics; this is the perfect combination for a perfect summer look :) ))



Hand-made Jewelry

About my creations

Each jewel is unique and will not be reproduced, so that my clients can proudly possess a piece that belongs to them alone.

1. Black

Set composed of necklace and bracelet of Goldstone beads of different diameters and silvery accessories.

PRICE: 15 Euro

Black History

2. Pink elephant

Set consists of pink coral necklace and bracelet. Golden elephant pendant.  Golden accesories.

PRICE: 15 Euro

3. Purple flowers

Set composed of necklace and bracelet with purple glass beads with dark red dots. Roses of  veil and  silvery accessories.

PRICE : 15 Euro

4. Red special

Set composed of necklace and bracelet with glass beads, Murano and coral red.  Golden accesories.

PRICE: 15 Euro  –  SOLD

5. The dragonfly

Bracelet and necklace set made of  turquoise and golden accessories. Dragonfly pendant.

PRICE: 15 Euro

6. Deep water

Set composed of necklace and bracelet made of green acrylic beads and  golden accessories.

PRICE: 15 Euro – SOLD

7. Ocean song

 Necklace and bracelet set made of acrylic beads in different shades of blue.

PRICE: 15 Euro

8. White flowers

Necklace and bracelet set made of black acrylic beads in combination with white fabric flowers. Golden accesories.

PRICE: 15 Euro